11 of the World’s Best Saltwater Fishing Spots

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Salter water bodies have a variety of fish species that all fishers want to catch. Many beaches around the world are good for anglers though not all. Therefore, you have to choose smartly using your fishing guide. It will give you the real experience of saltwater fishing. You need to choose from these places appropriately. The leading numbers are in America with only one in Africa. All you need to consider is whether to go fishing offshore or inshore. The 11 sites are listed below.

1. Galveston

The Galveston Beach is identified with a maximum production of red snapper and kingfish. Located in Texas, it hosts speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and sheepshead among others. The bay provides an exceptional feel for the fishers, and that makes it leading to the American salty water fishing sites. There are both offshore and inshore fishing activities for you. If you go angling offshore, you will get in touch with the Gulf waters that provide an overabundance of internationally rated king mackerel, wahoo, cobia, sailfish, tuna, marlin, dolphin, and yellowfin. There are several avenues of exit beaches for you if you book a charter here. The depart points are Pelican Rest Marina, Seabrook, Kemah, Galveston Yacht Basin, and Pirate’s Beach Marina.

2. San Diego

Apart from its renowned pier, this Californian water has several salty water species of fish. It is called the tuna capital due to its world-class bluefin and yellowfin species. The beach provides anglers tow of calico bass, yellowtail, halibut, spotted bay bass, and bonefish. You can catch perch, barracuda, bonito, leopard, corbina, and mackerel while hitting the beach’s overwhelming fishing. What brings the San Diego in the world’s saltwater fishing list is its possibility to lead offshore fishing mostly for the giant tuna. Use your tour guide to reach this internationally popular place. You will obviously feel the beauty of this place anytime you happen to visit.

3. Montauk

You will find this place in New York. It is another place for saltwater fishing spots in the world. It is common for addicts of serious surf fishing in America. Every year, a huge fish population travels to Maine from the Long Island Sound as they pass from the Montauk. For this, it is a better place to visit when you wish to have some fun fishing in the salty waters. If you visit the place, you will not forget the bass that is get stripped when you remember the Montauk though it is also a known big water fish such as tuna.

4. Outer bank

This fishing spot is located in North Carolina of the USA. The place is popular due to its plenty of saltwater fishing activities. The catch ranges from marlin species of Cape Hatteras including the world-famous redfish which is lives near the shores. Therefore, this is a must-visit place for those who want to try their spinning reel at the salty water fishing spot. The two species are living offshore in the outer banks of North Carolina. The outer banks give ways for fish from the east coast, and they include yellowfin tuna, red drum, sailfish, and wahoo.

5. Crystal River

The beach receives an extreme population of visitors in summer seasons every year who want to carry home their snatch of scallops. The waters are shallow and clear to find hence the scallops are easy to get. Therefore, it is a good place for all anglers to visit and have some experience. Located in Florida, you can also perform some explorations and diving during the natural springs. Your tour guide will help you much to get and have a feeling of all the magnificent places of the Crystal River. Every rod and line fishers should destine at this place for its fabulous fishing spot of the globe.

6. South Florida-Mullet run

It hosts places like West Palm Beach, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale among others. If you happen to visit these areas, you will get marinas, mega yachts, boats, and several taxis. However, Mullet run is the popular activity that comes in the fall. As the mullets pass through Ft. Lauderdale, as they migrate, fishers have the opportunity to angler them. It usually attracts game fishing as snook and tarpon are all over the place as they run to inter-coastal as well as downtown. Every visitor has the opportunity to fish.

7. Venice, Louisiana

Here the two world-famous rivers collide in a single place which is the Mississippi River Delta and the Gulf of Mexico. Towards the end of the river is the world-known Venice Louisiana that is best for saltwater fishing. The place is the habitat for everything including sheepshead, redfish, flounder, speckled trout, tuna, black drum, marlin, dolphin, and wahoo. You can use your spinning reel to catch some of the species. And with its amazing offshore canyon as well as inshore fishery which is among the best worldwide, it remains a good spot for fishers.

8. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

In Cape Cod, Mass, there is a woman fishing Race Point. The place is a historic destination for fishers and is a sanctuary for the stripers coming from Martha’s Vineyard, Provincetown, Buzzards Bay, and Nantucket. Apart from the stripers’ MONSTA, the also has Cape Cod is popular for swordfish, bluefish, cod, wahoo, and the giant Bluefin tuna that call for some spinning reel tools to fish them out of the salty water. Fishers usually enjoy the place in May and June, hence a great place to check from your tour guide.

9. Key West

The Key West is located in Florida USA attaching itself to the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It is popular with rod and line fishers. The center serves as the Dry Tortugas gateway. It is at the focus of middle-class global fishing water. Anglers are usually engrossed by the reefs, flats, and blue waters of the magnificent fishing location. The place gives unmatched inshore guides and offshore charters. Fishers will also access various seafood available in the restaurants around the area as well as accommodations.

10. Malindi, Kenya

It is also identified as one of the saltwater fishing spots of the world. At this place, you can target to catch swordfish, sailfish, blue-black, short bill spearfish, and striped marlin. All you need to have is your spinning reel to get a better catch. Summer comes in January and February and you will have more fish at this period.

11. Homer, Alaska for Halibut

Here you will go after the big fish, the monster halibut. The place is full of chicken fish which is pretty to catch. The Seward and Homer are the places that are most popular that visitors will find in their fishing guide. The spots have easier access as compared to other destinations of the halibut such as Dutch Harbor. The Homer has adventurers setting and laid-back due to its bucket list. You need to visit the place from May to September.

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In conclusion, it is important for anglers to know about the stated 11 saltwater fishing spots. It is recommended you got through your fishing guide whenever you plan to go out on a fishing expedition. The fishing guide will help you know areas that have essential fish that call for spinning reel equipment. Surely the above sites will give you the real feeling of salt waters fishing. Fishers need to visit these places regularly.

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