How to Catch Fish with Drone- Kevin Miller’s Guide

Fishing is a hobby for many. People generally go fishing with rod and reel and catch fish manually sitting in a side of a lake or river. Modern technology breakthroughs have had a dramatic change to the traditional fishing methods.

Fishing has gone to a new level by developing drone technology. One question may be in your mind that how to catch fish with drones. Let’s dig into it.

How to Catch Fish with Drone- Step by Step Guide

Gather the equipment

You’ll need a few things before you’re all set to go for fishing with drone.

Fishing rod:

You’ll need a fishing rod. A common misunderstanding on drone fishing is the drone acts as the rod and reel. The drone assists the rod in casting the line, not by itself.

Select a fishing rod according to the place of fishing and what fish you hope to catch for. Avoid ultra-light and fly rods. We recommend you to use a heavy-weight rod for drones.

Bait and Tackle:

This also depends on what you want to catch for. As you will cast far away, our suggestion is to use a bobber or lure.


It plays the leading role here. So, you need the right tool for this. A good fishing drone should have 3 key features- battery life, range, and a good camera.

Long battery life means to use your drone without a recharge, a good range is need for casting as far as you need, and a good camera is required for seeing where the fishes are.

Release mechanism

The thing you are going to attach the line to the drone and drop it off the water is known as the release mechanism. Various types of mechanisms are available in local stores and even online. Like-

Electric payload release mechanisms are not compatible with all drones but yet the safest remote control bet.

Downrigger release clip releases the line when enough tension is created once attached to your fishing line. This is not recommended because it is difficult and dangerous for drones.

Use this mechanism if the payload release mechanism is absent in your drone.

Attach the lines to the drone

Follow the instruction below to attach lines for both the payload release and downrigger release mechanisms.

Payload release mechanism:

  • The mechanism should be screwed up in the central mount.
  • Mount the mechanism in the desired place by screwing the opposite mounting plate.
  • Now, the release mechanism cables should be connected to the drone.
  • Attach the line to the payload receptacle

Downrigger release clip:

  • Find a small nylon rope to attach with your clip.
  • Tie the rope in between your drone’s landing gear. If your drone doesn’t have any, find another way without obstructing sensors.
  • After opening the downrigger release clip, attach an 8-inch long rope.
  • Attach the line using the clamp of the downrigger clip.
  • You’re all set

Drop the line into the water

After attaching the line to the drone, you’re all set to go for fish. Here are some tips to drop your line in the water for the payload release mechanism.

  • After attaching the line, let your drone fly until you get a clear vision of the water surface.
  • Shadows and movements indicate fish. Look across yourself if your drone has a low-quality camera.
  • Let your drone hover when you get your spot.
  • If the line is dropped by pressing the release button, lock it and wait for a bite.
  • You’ll be able to put your drone in orbit mode, or you’ll simply maneuver it back safely.

Catch Fishes

Let your bobber sit until being submerged in the water. When it is fully underwater, pull your rod quickly.

After the hook is set, your feet and reel should be planted that fish in. Do not pull it up too early, so your catch can getaway.

In the case of a lure, use the reel to pull it through the water. Do not scare the fish away and not to move too quickly. When you fell something on your line, pull the rod quickly.

Ensure the distance between the splashing of the catch and your drone.

Safety Precaution

  • If the drone loses its GPS signals, it can return itself to the starting point by setting the return to the home location feature.
  • Be careful about the waves when flying your drone close to the water surface.
  • Keep your drone in neither standard distance if it is not waterproof.
  • Ensure cleaning all the tools of fishing after using.

Hopefully, you’ve done learning to catch fish with a drone. It may seem simple, but as a beginner, it can be complicated for you.

You’re suggested to watch videos of these processes if needed.

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