Before Going for Fishing Know How Fish Finder Work

It is important equipment used to find the spot where fishes are in the water. It uses solar technology to detect a fish. Modern-day fish finders are some sort of equipment or small computer specially designed to show the user what is happening under the boat.

Not all fishermen are tech-savvy so it is important to know how fish finders work. It is always good to understand the basics of fish finders.

Technology Behind Fish Finders

Modern Fish Finders are basically small computers with special software designed specifically to show the user what’s happening under and around the boat. Not all fishermen are technology savvy, so it’s no surprise that many people don’t understand the basic information about fish finders.

Fishfinder consists of two key parts:

The main unit which is a display and provides you information related to the location of fish. It also consists of a transducer which is connected to the main unit and mounted on the hull.

The main technology used in a fish finder is a sonar technology that is used to show objects below the boat. This technology was first developed in World War II.

The concept of fish finders is adopted from fathometers which are the devices used by marine vessels to figure out the depth of water and whether it contains any potential rocks or corals. Sonar technology is used to help navigate safely.

How Fish Finder Works?

When a fish finder is turned on, a transducer mounted on the hull of the boat sends sonar waves inside the seawater. On the fish finder display, one can see sonar waves in radar and hits the objects in water to locate them. Once the sonar waves are hit, it bounces back to the transducer or receiver again.

The transducer sends the waves received to the main unit known as transmitters which further measures the sonar waves and then provides the measurements on the main unit. One can see the readings on the display unit. Fishfinders are available in different types and ranges.

One can choose a fish finder depending on the requirement. Readings are displayed either in the form of spikes or any specific form. Sonar waves can also detect rocks so it is important to check whether the object is moving or not.

If the object is moving then it is a fish. Some of the transducers and display available are quite advanced and sensitive, so it can pick signals and display little fish icons on the screen. This way you will be able to differentiate between a fish and an object by measuring the movement and contours of the fish icon.

Sonar waves are useful in providing a good measure of where actually you can find fishes. This way you don’t have to depend on guesswork or estimates while going fishing. Professional fishermen or people who do fishing as a sport or hobby make use of fish finder to turn their day into exciting by catching the number of fishes.

How to Read Fish Finder Screen

Reading a fish finder screen is quite simple to understand. There is a basic set up that you may need to do in your fish finder while installation like setting a frequency or normal switch on/off. Depending on the type of fish finder used, you can view its information on the screen.

Fishes are the ones that you want to see on screen and you can easily view the information by checking the display and it will give you a specific fish icon. Group of fishes may look like a blog sometimes on a fish finder, the reason is that transducer always picks information on a cone.

The complete information may not be always accurate but it can give you a brief idea about the presence of fishes in a particular area. For more details, you can always check the product catalog or check its users online.

GPS Enabled Fish Finders

Another popular type of fish finder available in the market is the one with GPS enabled technology. It can give information of your boat on the display and can be used to track the boat.

These types of fish finders are extremely useful as it can help you direct your boat in the ideal direction and can be used to give you good direction if you are fishing deep down in the sea.

Fish Finders Available in the Market

You can find various types of fish finders in the market depending on the brand type. You can choose either a basic fish finder or choose more advanced ones. Some of the popular ones available are eagle fish finder, Hummingbird fish finder, Furuno fishfinder.

Each of the fish finder different from others in terms of their parameters like depth to detect fish, transducer efficiency, the technology used and display type. The modest range of fish finders is around $100 but prices vary according to models and brand. Read more from Harry Rosen at

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