How to Prepare for Hunting | Trip to D’Urville Island

Feral pigs and red deer are abundant on D’Urville Island. With access to more than 2000 acres of private hunting grounds, this area gives you with plenty of lands where you can have a thrilling hunting experience. There are many activities for you on this island including mountain biking, fishing, scuba diving and much more.

You can access the D’Urville by aircraft or a boat. Various commercial boat operators take freight, passengers, and vehicles to the island either through Havelock or French pass. There is also a Public airstrip in Greville Harbor although there are no scheduled services. This means that you need to chatter an aircraft if you want to travel by air.

The D’Urville is a paradise for avid hunters as the feral pigs, and red deer are found throughout the area throughout the year. You can also find the fallow deer in this area although the largest population is now in the south of the land on private land.

Consideration when planning

When you are planning your next hunting expedition to D’Urville Island, there are some of the considerations you have to make to make your hunting success.

First, you need to grab a Range backpack or hunting backpack because this is a hilly area. For this reason, you need to carry a sizable hunting/range backpack and carry all your hunting essentials.

What do I need to carry?

  • Spotting Scope

As mentioned earlier, this is a vast area, so the first thing you should have in your hunting pack is a spotting scope. With this gadget, it will be easy for you to identify your target.

Don’t go for just any spotting scope, carry something that has good magnification as this area has high humidity and wind. Carry a spotting scope that is waterproof, and fog proof is an added advantage.

  • Hunting Knife

Well, a hunting knife is another indispensable hunting equipment to carry along. You will need this knife to skin your game should you be lucky to capture one. Remember to carry a hunting knife strong enough to help you in slaughtering large game such as the feral pigs.

  • Bow

If you have ever tried to hunt deer using a rifle, you probably know how disappointing it can be. Once the deer hear the first shot of shooting, it will be hard for you to get them from their hiding spot.

To avoid getting frustrated, a hunting bow is the best choice to use here. Even if you are a skilled archer, the D’Urville Island has strong winds that may affect your accuracy. For a reason you should carry more arrows will not hurt.

  • Hunting Backpack

Next is to select a high-quality hunting backpack. Remember, even if the red deer are abundant in this area, you need to trek and reach the high ground to spot them. For this reason, you need to carry a tough, comfortable, and versatile range pack. It is no brainer to carry a backpack that is spacious enough to fit all your hunting gear.

  • Kitchen utensils

Some of you may be wondering why you need to carry kitchen utensil while you can light a fire and barbecue your catch as you enjoy the breathtaking views. Well when hunting on D’Urville Island, you will need more than this. Some of us also avoid carrying the hunting cookware because they are not sure if they will capture a game.

However, you need to be always being prepared to avoid being disappointed should you catch a game.

As mentioned earlier, D’Urville Island is not close to the mainland so carrying all the hunting cookware is crucial since it not simple to carry your catch off the Island. Besides, when you know that you have everything needed to prepare a delicious meal, you will be motivated to catch a game.

Besides the hunting cookware to use for your barbeque, you should also carry cookware to help you in preparing hot beverages, as it can be cold. For this reason, you should not forget carrying your coffee percolator as well as a mug along.

  • Costume

Red Deer hunting often requires a high level of concealment for you to be successful. This holds a lot of truth especially when it comes to archery hunting.

For total concealment, you need to be covered from head to toe. Honestly speaking, you should expect the least when you show up for hunting in this area with brightly colored clothes.

The feral pig and red dear will spot you from a far distance and never come close to your firing range.

For this reason, you should not forget to carry a pair of camouflaged costumes that help you to blend well with the surrounding.

  • Safety pack

A safety pack is handy when it comes to making your hunt successful. This packs should help you to carry everything else you need while on the field. These include hunting license, tags to make sure you are hunting correctly, a first aid kit, water and a map of the area.

Last few words

The holidays are around the corner, and if you would want to have a successful hunting in D’Urville, it is the excellent time to start packing. We hope that our detailed guide will help you to take your inventory and ensure that you have everything the warrant a successful hunt in the D’Urville.

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