How to Prepare for Hunting | Trip to D’Urville Island

Feral pigs and red deer are abundant on D’Urville Island. With access to more than 2000 acres of private hunting grounds, this area gives you plenty of lands where you can have a thrilling hunting experience. There are many activities for you on this island, including mountain biking, fishing, scuba diving, and much more. You […]

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Best Spotting Scope Reviews | Buying Guides

What Is A Spotting Scope? A spotting scope is a portable telescope that has been added to advanced optics to present an erect image. It is used for bird watching as well as other naturalist activities such as hunting, surveillance, verifying expert shooter’s shorts as well as other applications that require more magnification than a […]

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  • Updated December 12, 2020
  • Hunting

The Best Hunting Backpack | An Essential Kit for Hunter

Selecting the best can either make or break your hunting experience. We realize the importance of having a great hunting backpack after our first hunting expedition with my friends was a total disaster. We had a limited budget so instead of purchasing a hunting backpack, we simply hauled all that we needed in a duffle […]

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Celestron LandScout 60MM Spotting Scope Review

Whether you are a bird watcher, hunter, target shooter or a participant in activities that require enhanced vision, a spotting scope should be your perfect investment. You will be happy to learn that Celestron LandScout 60MM Spotting Scope Backpack Kit Green (52325) comes with everything you need for your outdoor activities. It’s the current or […]

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Best Spotting Scope For Target Shooting

The best spotting scope is which that leaves you satisfied by a single shot and wins the game. It is evident that shooting with bare naked eyes is subjected to errors that can cost you in losing the game and the target altogether. The idea is to have that single shot. Features for target shooting […]

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Best Spotting Scope For Birding

Bird watching is generally fun especially if you love nature and birds in particular. There are different kinds of birds that one can enjoy watching all year long and get to know their behaviors that are quite interesting to discover. If not watching birds from your backyard but from a long distance, then you will […]

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