Compound Bows, Tree Stands and The Art of Hunting Deer

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Hunting is an exciting sport that is loved by many. In true American essence, the free-spirited hunt in a forest is as close as it gets to liberation personification. But if you are a newbie, the entire process can be a bit daunting.

Not to worry, cause today we will be covering everything that you need to know about compound bows, tree stands, and the art of hunting. So, let us get right into it!

One can wonder why do professional deer hunters prefer sitting on treetops rather than being out there in the field, running around like young jocks gone wild?

Well, the answer is rather simple. Whitetail deer hunters have discovered with their years of experience the advantages of waiting around on treetops for the perfect kill. Like nature’s best predator, the leopard, being above the prey’s line of sight, is the perfect fool-proof method for hunting deer, especially when working with compound bows.

But before we discuss any further, let us consider the basics first.

The art of hunting deer

What is a compound bow?

Compound bows have gained massive popularity over the years due to their excellent functionality. In modern-day archery, compound bows utilize a system of cables and pulleys known as a levering system to bend limbs.

Due to the rigidity, compound bows offer a more energy-efficient experience. This allows the hunter to work for longer hours without a quick onset of fatigue. This also enhances durability and the bows’ resistance to humidity and temperature. Therefore, compound bows have become a common weapon choice for most hunters for hunting practice or even the real thing.

Advantages of compound bows:

There are many advantages of compound bows. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Compound bows are much easier to use as they utilize levers that reduce the person’s strain using them. They also reduce stress and improve performance.
  • Another added advantage of a compound bow is the increased accuracy. Accuracy is crucial when it comes to hunting. Yes, a person’s skill indeed plays a massive role in missing or hitting targets. However, the importance of a good compound bow cannot be denied. 
  • The overall speed is also much improved by the use of a compound bow. This is due to the use of pulleys in its construction. What other sport would require more speed and efficiency when a wild buck is in plain sight.
  • The last advantage of a compound bow is the resistance it offers against humidity and weather as all good hunters are aware that extreme temperatures and humidity can take a toll on the bows’ performance, and it is important to get a bow that can fight against them.

What is a Tree Stand?

Tree stands are just as crucial as compound bows when it comes to hunting. So far, we have talked about hunters waiting for prey settled on treetops. But have you wondered how is that possible? How can a 6-ft tall human stabilize themselves on top of a tree with gravity constantly working against them?

The answer is tree stands! There are many types of tree stands, all that have different functionalities and preferences.

  • Climbing Stands

Climbing stands are the first type of tree stands we will be discussing today. As the name suggests, these stands are used for climbing the tree too. So, you get not only a seat at the top of the tree, but you also get a ladder to get there.

With your feet placed on the platform and your body on the inside of the stand, put both of its pieces to the tree. Then proceed to climb by extending the top part and repeat till you reach the top.

Climbing stands are especially favored as they don’t require screw-in steps and hence, provide greater mobility. For the hunters on the go, this type of tree stand is perfect.

Another added advantage is that they cannot be stolen since they can be removed. However, they aren’t budget-friendly and are quite heavy. Measuring in at fifteen to thirty-five pounds, they can pose a problem when packing for a long distance.

  • Hang-on Stands

The next type of tree stand that we will be discussing next is the hang-on stand. These are fixed position stands, which implies they do not provide mobility. However, they are much simpler and weigh around ten to thirty-five pounds.

The most significant advantage of hang-on tree stands is that they maintain your stealth mode. Meaning that you can move in or out of these tree stands without producing a lot of noise. Unfortunately, however, these are not the best when it comes to their installation and removal, especially when you plan on moving on your own.

  • Ladder Stands

The third and final type we will discuss today is the ladder stand. Ladder stands are similar to climbing stands in the way that these tree stands do not require screw-in steps. This the most versatile type of tree stands as they can be used with any kind of tree.

These are the big boss of the tree stand of the community as they are massive and can cater to multiple people simultaneously. Since they are so massive – they weigh more than one hundred pounds.

But as they can cater to more people, they require more people to assemble, erect, and carry them.

Although these are much heftier than climbing stands, the two cost almost the same.

Advantages of tree stands:

There are many advantages of tree stands when it comes to hunting. Some of them are listed below:

  • Since tree stands to alleviate a hunter and bring them above a prey’s line of sight, this serves as an added advantage due to the wide-scale visibility and enough time to master the shot.
  • Often amateur or even professional hunters lost the game even to the lightest crunch of a leaf beneath their feet. This is entirely avoided as at the right height; no prey can be spooked due to sound.
  • Hunting is a dangerous sport, and for many reasons, rightfully so. Hunter’s canopies can house human scent, and that can attract predators. However, at a height, the chances of attracting predators are minimal.
  • Harm from stray shots can be avoided by aiming downwards. 


Now that you are well aware of what compound bows and tree stands are, you can easily understand their importance in hunting and how they enhance the overall experience. As a beginner, you should do thorough research on these elements before stepping into the field. It is also necessary to take safety precautions seriously. We wish you happy hunting.

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