Things to Consider Before Buying a Hunting Tree Stand

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To bag some good meat, you need to be out there but not visible to the target. The hunting tree stand comes to the rescue as essential hunting gear - if chosen correctly. There is no way you will get the target if you are short on a comfortable hunting tree stand.

Patience is the key to achieve your hunting target that demands an ample period of time to punch your goal. Would you rather compromise on the durability and comfort or spend a fair amount of time, money, and effort in looking for the best tree stand that not only offers the most convenient and comfortable hunting experience but also saves additional exertion while waiting and aiming for the target.

Let’s see how we can help choose the best tree stand that fulfills all your needs and requirements in the best way possible.

Consideration before buying a Hunting tree stand

Weight Capacity

First, safety is the most important of all the factors that make any tree stand the best. Do you think you will not be losing a leg or an arm if you fall from the height of 15 feet or so?

Always make sure to get a tree stand that can withstand your and all your hunting equipment weight collectively as you will be going to rest on it for God knows how many hours.


You need to be well out of your target’s sight, which demands a tree stand that can be attached to the right height as per the tree you are going to use it. There are taller ladder stands that put you in a better position and are more flexible, but they are harder to hang and are expensive.

To make your purchase worth the money, it is crucial to get a higher one as they can be attached to most of the trees without causing any problem.

Type of tree stand

Coming to the type of a tree stand, you have three most available options;

1. Hang-on or fixed tree stand

These stands are attached to the tree and need a little prep time beforehand - but are the most used and loved by the hunters.

2. Ladder tree stand

These are non-climbing tree stands that come with thick steel columns that offer wobble-free height advantage. They provide a secured and robust structure along with the adjustable height.

3. Climbing tree stand

These stands offer the most convenience when it comes to portability and changing locations and setting up. Along with these features, they work fine with almost every kind of tree.

Here comes personal preference like, where you will be going to use it most of the time, and how long you will be using it.

Shooting Rest

Choosing the shooting rest can make it a bit of a task, as where there are a lot of options available, they serve some great purposes. Having an interrupting shooting rest can be a nuisance in different situations and with various tools of hunting. Make sure to choose a shooting rest that goes perfectly with the tools you are using.

Safety measures

Keeping potential dangers and accidents in mind, it is essential to look for a tree stand that offers safety measures. Good quality, high-end tress stand comes with a four-point fall arrest system that includes a harness and other accessories that are particularly designed to offer protection against accidental fall without limiting your movement on a tree stand.

Comfortable seating

Time to face reality. You never know for how long you will be waiting in your stand for the target. Uncomfortable and non-competent tree stands can cause stiffness, soreness, and other issues for a more extended period.

To make your hunting sessions stress-free, it is important to go for the one that offers a padded seat with backrests. It makes a significant difference once you climb up and use the stand and also when you climb down to collect your kill.

Considering these features, it is necessary to make sure of your personal preferences, making your purchase worth time, money, and effort.

Here are some of the best tree stands chosen to make your purchase process as simple and easy as possible.

Let’s have a look!

1. Summit Hunting Tree Stand

Summit is one of a leading brand, offering high-end hunting gear that provides ultimate performance.

Viper SD is one of the best tree stands when it comes to quality, performance, and prices.

2. Lone Wolf Assault II Hang-on Tree Stand

These are one of the best tree stands out there that offer durability along with protection and portability. You can trust these TMA-approve best tree stand for all your hunting needs.

3. Guide Gear 2-Man 12’ Tower tree Stand

This is the toughest tree stand you will witness when it comes to life and durability. Made for two, padded seats and armrests, durable and sturdy built, it offers an overall solution to all your hunting needs.

Well, no matter how much of the help you get, in the end, it is you who can understand what’s best for you. Best of luck finding your perfect match!

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