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Tigers are known as the perfect killing machines. They can run at a speed of 35 miles per hour. Tigers have strong legs that can leap 32.5 feet. The bones of the tiger's front legs are tightly connected so that they act as a buffer when the tiger lands on its feet. The claws of the tiger are up to 10 centimeters and are used to claw their prey.

Most people have a misconception that tigers can't climb trees even though it is true that given an option, they won't climb trees, but they are often seen sitting on the branches of trees waiting for their prey. This is precisely why humans have developed tiger archery; it is the perfect weapon to hunt tigers. These arrows can hit the tiger sitting on a bush or hiding in the jungle from miles away, even in bad weather conditions.

Today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about tiger archery and its uses in this article.

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How does a Tiger Hunt for its Prey?

Tiger Hunt

Tigers have a round skull that is stout and provides support for their jaws. The jaw muscles of a tiger are attached to the bony ridge of the skull. Strangely tigers have fewer teeth than other carnivore animals. Most carnivore animals have 42 teeth, whereas tigers have only 30 teeth. But the canines of a tiger are the largest.

The canines of a tiger measure up to 6.4 to 7.6 centimeters. The canines' specialty is they have abundant pressure sensing nerves that can sense which is the best location needed to sever the neck of its prey. They can swallow large pieces of their prey as a whole. Similar to these carnivore animals, there are a few fishes that too feed on other small fishes like the Gulper Catfish. To know how they prey on other fishes and how to pet them, you can also refer to the care guide of fish.

Tigers stalk their prey

Tigers tend to stalk their prey and reach as close as possible until they make their final move.

They chase their prey

After they stalk their prey, they come at a reachable distance and then pounce at their prey. Usually, they catch their prey as soon as they pounce at them. But in some rare scenarios, they fall back on their prey at their first attempt. They then chase their prey to the extent that they tire them out. They catch hold of their prey once their speed decreases.

The coat of the tiger helps them hide in the jungle

The reason why it's difficult to hunt a tiger is because they have a coat that camouflages and blends with the jungle. They become almost invisible to the human eyes. Even the other animals fail to notice them because of their coat.

Tigers attack the neck or throat of their prey.

Tigers always target the neck or throat of their prey. The best way to hunt a tiger is to attack him from the back when he is stalking prey or chasing prey.

What is the best weapon to hunt tigers?

Tigers are fierce. They are fast and are masters in catching prey. Because of their camouflage coat, they are challenging to locate when hiding in the jungle. Their speed makes it almost impossible to catch them.

This is why a weapon is known as the "tiger archery" is specially designed for hunting this fierce animal.

The Tiger Archery

Tiger Archery

This weapon is named the tiger archery because it is the most suitable weapon to hunt tigers. This weapon is designed out of excellent carbon construction. Wind drifts attached to this arrow help the arrow navigate its way even in bad weather. These arrows have a low oscillation rate. These arrows are perfect for hunting and target practice.

Special Features-

  • Tiger archery carbon arrows are approximately 30 inches. They come in a pack of 12.
  • Their lightweight makes them perfect for hunting.
  • It is constructed out of high-tech carbon, and the arrow tips are made of stainless steel. Because of the steel, the weight of the arrows is lesser compared to other arrows, and the carbon makes it extremely durable.
  • These arrows consist of shafts made of carbon and rubber fletches to help improve the aerodynamics of the arrows when they are flying in the air.
  • The biggest reason why these arrows are gaining popularity as hunting arrows is that they are reasonably priced.
  • The steel tips and plastic fletchers help in combating environmental impacts, for example, moisture.
  • The multi-layered design of this arrow reduces the risk of splintering. It moves at lightning speed even in bad weather conditions. Even when the weather is not favorable for hunting, the average speed of the arrow exceeds that of a tiger. This is why it's considered to be the best hunting weapon for tigers apart from bullets.

Final Take Away

You must be wondering why we prefer bows and arrows instead of guns and bullets to hunt tigers. Well, the answer is quite simple. Even though many poachers find pleasure in hunting tigers, they do not hunt tigers to kill them.

Most tigers are hunted so that tigers can be preserved in wildlife sanctuaries. Owing to civilization, a lot of rare species of tigers are getting extinct for not being able to find suitable habitats; for example, Royal Bengal Tigers. This is precisely why the government has taken measures to protect nature by sending tigers to sanctuaries where they would be looked after.

The tiger archery is used merely to make the tigers unconscious to be safely carried to the sanctuaries. The tips of these arrows are dipped in medicine that makes the tiger fall asleep for a considerable amount of time to be transported to their new homes.

When we speak of hunting, we have a pre-conceived notion that it is about killing animals. But this is not always true. In some cases hunting weapons as tiger archery can also preserve and protect fierce animals like tigers. So, that they can be transported to a place where they can live peacefully;

And no other weapon than the tiger archery can be more efficient in hunting the king of the jungle. So if you are good at shooting arrows and are fond of the jungle, the next time you pay a visit to the jungle, don't forget to carry these with you. Hunting arrows are not always used to kill lives. Sometimes it's even used to save lives or even for self-defense.

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