Vortex Razor HD 16-48×65 Angled Spotting Scope Reviews

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Vortex razor hd 16-48×65 angled spotting scope is one of the highest quality best spotting scopes that I have reviewed. It was released by vortex, a couple of years ago. In this article, I have examined this scope to bring you an unbiased opinion. I have looked at the scope’s design, performance, and construction materials and other details to offer an all-round review.

Details About Vortex Razor HD 16-48×65 Angled Spotting Scope-

Vortex Optics Razor HD Angled Spotting Scope 09The Vortex razor hd 16-48×65 angled spotting scope comes with a high quality glass that has specialized optical that have the ability to provide very clear and bright images. The angled viewing design make it one of the best scopes to use when hunting. Besides making it easy to use, this design makes it to produce color rich images even at the maximum magnification. The construction materials are of the highest quality making it very durable.

Actually, it is constructed by lightweight magnesium body, which makes it portable and durable. The body is O-ring sealed and argon filled to make it water and fog proof. For comfort and convenience when using it in the field, this scope comes with a quality tripod-mounting shoe that has the ability to accept a quarter to 2-inch mounting bolt.

The scope also features a collar that rotates, permitting the eyepiece to be placed in the best viewing position. There lens are shaped in a rectangle manner, this helps in keeping the sun as well as the rain from the objective lens.


Vortex Optics Razor HD Angled Spotting Scope 04The model comes with triplet panchromatic lenses element that are constructed using high density extra low dispersion glass that has the ability to increase light transmission, eliminate chromatic aberration as well as minimize distortion.

All the air to glass surface is coated by the vortex XR anti reflective coatings that minimize light loss.

In addition, these features are armor tek coated to avoid scratching when using or transporting the scope. In a bid to have accurate color across the visible spectrum, the manufacturer installed pore prisms, which are dielectric coated. The coatings are very reflective and lose less than one percent of light that passes through them. When you combine the optics together with the excellent coatings, this model produces bright highly contrasted images that have accurate color transmission.

Accessories and Magnification

Vortex Optics Razor HD Angled Spotting Scope 05 (1)The scope come with a 20x to 60x zoom eyepiece that gives you clear images at all power levels. These lenses offer you a wide field of view when compared to other competitors on the market. At a thousand yard and magnification of 20x the scopes offers you an impressive 117 foot field of vie and 60 feet field when you adjust the magnification to 60x.

What is great about this cope is that the both eyepieces have a minimum of 18mm eye relief. This means that even people wearing glasses can use the scope easily. Users are also provided with an eyecup that adjusts upwards with a helical counter clockwise twist.

The scope comes with an improved focusing whereby it features a dual focus knob system. When we tried it, it worked pretty well. In fact, it will only take about one and a half turn of the coarse focus knob to turn from close to infinity. This is very impressive especially when you consider that you are going to use this scope to focus on moving targets.

Vortex Optics Razor HD Angled Spotting Scope 11When I look at the accessories, I can say that this mode is feature rich. The model comes with a soft carrying case that keeps the scope safe when in use and when in storage. The case will also allow you to carry it when going for a hunting trip.

Another feature I really loved in the package is the Built-in retractable sunshield that blocks excess light and rain. This makes you to focus on the object closely with minimal distraction. When I look at the size of the size, it’s very compact and lightweight. This means you can go with it for long hunting trip.

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What I like

As you can see, this model comes with many features that help you in getting the best images. You can simply use it to watch bird or watching other wildlife. It is also useful in hunting.

Some of the strengths of the scopes includes Porro prism design with dielectric multi coatings, Triplet apochromatic lens eliminates chromatic aberration, Angled view eyepiece is inclined 45 from the objective lens for more comfortable viewing as well as Dual focusing dials offer rapid rough and fine-focus. The model also features an extended warranty.

What I dislike

It is hard to find something that has only the good side without some flaws here and there. The only thing I noticed about the Vortex razor hd 16-48×65 angled spotting scope is that it is somehow old fashioned because of the roll down rubber eye-cups. In addition, although it comes with a well-placed tripod mount, sometimes it is very hard to rotate it to fit different angles.

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Frequently Asked Question

[thrive_tabs layout=”horz”][thrive_tab headline=”Question 1″ no=”1/2″]Can you change out the eye pieces?

Ans: You can change out the eyepieces though I recommend sticking with Vortex Razor eyepieces.

[/thrive_tab][thrive_tab headline=”Question 2″ no=”2/2″]Will be using mainly on hikes so weight is a consideration. Also strong enough to carry with scope attached. Best tripod for this scope?

Ans: Depending on your budget and your height. I would recommend using a carbon fiber tripod. Vanguard Abeo would be the most affordable but if you want one with a bit more quality then I would recommend Manfrotto.


Final Opinion

If you were looking for a high-end scope that has good optical quality and something that you can carry under all circumstances, I would really recommend you to purchase this scope. Unlike the binoculars, this scope will make it possible to ID a bird that is a thousand yards easily. When I look at the price, it is definitely worth it. In fact, this model gives you impressive results when you compare to other scopes that have similar prices.

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