What to Pack for Your Next Fishing Trip in the Rain

It is always nice to take a break from our hectic daily lives and go somewhere nice to have some fun and fresh air. And if you are an angler or just started to take fishing as a relaxation sport during the weekends, then good for you. There are plenty of folks out there who seem to really enjoy going someplace scenic and do some fishing and breathe fresh air.

It feels nice to experience the sudden urge, grab a few things and travel as far as possible. However, sometimes that excitement makes us forget to take care of some important things which can lead to inconveniences.

If you are planning for your next fishing trip especially in the rain, it’s important to pack your bags or luggage properly. For starters, keep your fishing case or gear packed at all times. Below are a few items on this following checklist that are obligatory for any fishing trips any time of the year. So, pay attention if you are hoping to get the most out of your upcoming fishing excursion.

4 Things To Pack for Your Next Fishing Trip


Let’s begin with the basics: clothing. Regardless of how long or short, you plan to stay on your next fishing trip, ensure that you have enough clothes. There is nothing overly problematic about packing plenty of clothes on your fishing adventure. You need to have clothes that will keep you dry, warm and safe. Furthermore, make sure you only take clothes that are comfortable so that you can wear them for a whole day.

If the weather is cold, opt for top-notch clothes with layering. If you are going fishing on the rainy season or going to a place where there can be unannounced downpours, pack some good quality waterproof clothes.  In addition, if things get bad and you get drenched, take some extra socks and underwear in your backpack. We recommend that you purchase only decent quality rain gear including waterproof hats, footwear, pants, and gloves that will keep you dry.

Now let’s talk about warm climates. Well, most anglers like to fish in warm climates. And if you don’t know fishing in warm places can equally as demanding as cold fishing destinations. Some anglers prefer fishing trips in warmer fishing sports because they like to travel light and don’t have to pack so many clothes. Nonetheless, if you want to be safe and sound you will still need to carry sun-protective clothing, a bandana or some kind of face protection gear, sun gloves, good-quality wading shoes, a hat, and a foldable rain jacket.

Personal Items

No matter, wherever you travel, you can’t go anywhere without food, water, and medicine. So, prepare a checklist and keep it near you at all times every time you pack your bags and go fishing. Do not go on a fishing trip without taking some necessary medicines, particularly if you have prescription drugs or have allergy medications. In addition, fetch some small bottles and fill them with lotion, face wash, shampoo, and so on.

If you can’t find small bottles, there are travel size bottles that you can buy from the stores.  Don’t forget to pack some sunscreen, even if it’s raining, or the sky looks cloudy, or you can’t see the sun.  You still need protection from the harmful UV rays.

Also, don’t forget to grab an insect repellent as well. You can buy most of these stuff from your local drugstores.  Every angler is fully aware that they will be fishing in the middle of nowhere, so carrying a small first-aid kit is mandatory. Your first-aid kit should have the bare essentials such as bandages, medical tape, pain relievers, alcohol swabs, antiseptic creams or lotions, and antihistamines.

Fishing Gear and Tackle

A seasoned angler is always prepared when it comes to fishing gear. Therefore, before finalizing the date of your upcoming fishing trip make sure you keep prepared a special travel pack where you can put all of your fishing equipment. Ensure that your fishing travel pack or bag has plenty of space to store your lures, flies, waders, boots, fishing rods, fishing knife, and spinning reels.

All of the items mentioned here are all important things to pack for your fishing trip. If you are wondering how you are going to pack your fishing rod, well the thing is that all rod manufacturers are well aware of this. So, most big brands have fishing rods that can be broken down into small enough components to facilitate this.

So you don’t have to fret over having your rod damaged when packed in this manner. Some tackle organizers are extremely well designed and are capable of carrying everything most anglers need for a day of fishing. They are also practical for packing as well.

Documents And Licenses

And at last but not least, most places require anglers to have special fishing permits to be allowed to fish. Therefore, keep all the necessary documentation, licenses, or permits in your pocket. Apart from this, if you are going overseas, don’t forget about passports or visas. The last thing you need to deal with is you ending up in the airport without proper documentation and travel permits in your bag.

Make a few copies of your passport’s front 2 pages.  Leave one with someone at your home, one in your carry-on bag, put another copy in your check-in bag/luggage, and give a copy to your travel partner. This will be handy from you getting stuck in some foreign place with identification in case of theft of your wallet, baggage loss, or other unpredictable incidents.

If that happens, you can call home and have a copy mailed or faxed to you.   Also don’t forget to write your home address, home phone number, personal phone number, destination address, and destination phone number in your checked luggage. This will be helpful to concerned authorities as well as yourself to locate and retrieve your baggage in case the ID tag and or airline destination tag gets ripped off on airport’s conveyor belts.

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